Monday, March 28, 2016

Fried Plantains w/ Cinnamon

I'll credit this to... GROWING UP! Not in the way we'd use the saying, but more in the sense of growing from old to new, experimenting with different cultural cuisines and so on. An old friend of mine, who was from Jamaica use to talk about all these dishes his family use to make and how he'd make some for me one day. That day never came, lol. So I had to start experimenting by myself. One of the first snacks I made was fried plantain. When I visited the Bahamas, I had my first taste of plantain and Conch and it was amazing. I figured, with this love of eating and always down to try something new - why not try to prepare some as healthier snack choice. Here's my take on FRIED PLANTAINS with cinnamon and vanilla.

Here is what you'll need to create this snack:
— Organic Plantain (I usually shop for my fruits and vegetables at local farmer's markets)
— Skillet or Griddle
— Organic Coconut Oil
— Cinnamon
— Vanilla Extract

First, you'll need to preheat your skillet or griddle to a medium setting. When I'm using my skillet, I usually set to medium or 4.5 to 5. When I am using my griddle, I'd set it to 300 degrees.

You can use the whole plantain, but half is usually enough for me... that is depending on how thinly sliced each coin is. I am a fan of LouAna's Organic coconut oil. There's seem to taste better than the other coco-oils I've used in the past.

As your surface is heating, here's the perfect time to prep your plantains. When I slice them into coins, I like to cut them diagonally. My reasoning may be different from everyone else, but it helps out during the flipping process. When it's time to scoop and flip them, they seem to slide on the spatula better verses having a straight cut.

Scoop about 1.5 to 2 tsp. of your coconut oil to coat the skillet/griddle. I use 1.5 tsp. and this seems to be enough to get the job done. By all means, use the amount you are comfortable with. Try not to be too heavy on the oil though. You don't want them saturated in oil *gags*

Let each coin spend about 2 to 3 minutes simmering. If you'd like your coins more golden, add another 2 minutes.

You will notice the darker coin towards the bottom left. This is to show you how your coin will look if you keep it simmering for the additional 2 minutes. The others are just over 2.5 minutes. Next, sprinkle cinnamon lightly over each coin. Some extra cinnamon will fall through and mix with the bubbling oil...

This next step is optional, but if you really want to bring a sweeter flavor to your plantains, adding a few drops of vanilla extract does the trick. Scoot all your coins together so they are slightly touching and add a few drops in between. You will then hear the sizzling grow louder. Then it lets out this super sweet aroma in your cooking area... the best part.

Notice one side has cinnamon and the bottom has vanilla flavoring. Here's an idea- if you'd like, add a drop of vanilla on each top for more of a sweeter taste.

Scoop each coin onto a dry paper towel to drain and let stand for about one minute. If you were my Mother, you'd probably add a sprinkle of powder sugar on for garnish ... and taste. Again, that I totally optional and up to you. I like my plantains as prepared. To top off this sweet snack, I love making a cup of my own Hazelnut Vanilla cappuccino dashed with cinnamon. This is truly a snack the kids and adults will love. It's low in calories (if you monitor the amount of oil, how many are eaten and if you decide to add a garnish). I hope you enjoyed this. Let me know how your plantains turned out if you decided to make any.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

From the Runway to Your Favorite Stores

We all know that keeping up with the seasons fashion trends seems a bit... tedious... well, for some. I just so happen to love looking through designers collections and comparing the trending styles of the seasons. I love watching fashion shows on my Apple TV. There is this network called Made to Measure that shows nothing but fashion inspired television. You'd have to be a diehard fashion eater to sit there and watch it for as long as I do. Anyhow, I figured if you don't have the time and would like me to lend a helping hand to plug you in on what's trending straight off the runway... then that's exactly what you're going to get.

Now you do know this blog wouldn't be right if I didn't just happen to fall across cheaper pricing and share it with you. I found some trending styles just floating around at our favorite fashion stores and I wonder... would we have totally overlooked it because some of these "trends" are... um, some would call... OLD! In a good way though...


Soft Denims & Chambray has been noticeably trending since over a few seasons now. Many people wore it because it was already in their wardrobe, like a chambray skirt I had ever since my 12th grade year in high school. IN other words, chambray is clearly a keeper. It's light denim feel would definitely wear well through to the summer... it's not heavy and thin enough for the fabric to breathe.


Wrap Dresses & Skirts are another oldie, but goody. One of my favorite designers, Diane von Furstenberg was the first designer to put the wrap dress in the spotlight. It's classic and when draped correctly shows off the hourglass shape of any woman no matter what shape or size she is.

3. H&M

Actual Camisole with Lace link.

Lingerie is clearly not just for the bedroom anymore. Soft camisoles (silks, satins, etc.) have actually been used in our daily wardrobes for years. Business woman wearing suits on the job have been known to wear them under blazers or jackets. Think of how it's buttoned up with just a peek of the fabric generally used for covering the cleavage.


The X factor... the "new" IT shape, was used by major designers, like Jason Wu, Givenchy and Derek Lam. Kind of comparable to the off-the-shoulder look, which seems to be quite favorable on the runway as well.


Guess what part of this dress is being featured... the Ruffles. Ruffles are back in. Can you believe it? All I can think of is me, wearing my rollerblades and skating with my sister on Saturdays at Hot Wheels Skating Rink. You can't deny that ruffles is the ultimate girly addition to any outfit along with bedazzling and bows, lol. I actually can see this trend sticking around.

With the Top 5 trends I've listed above, those seem to be my favorites. Other current trends are:
Plaid, 70's Inspired Suede, Victorian Inspired, Spanish Influenced (bold reds), Flat Mules, Paper Bag Waist (I;d like to do a feature on this look... I'm in love with these bottoms), the Half Moon Bag, Jacked White Shirt, Pleats, Netting, Marled Knits, Tangerine/Orange, Cold Shoulders and Sparkle/Shimmer/Shine pieces.
What you should keep in mind is, all these styles have been out for years, but it just takes the right person... or designer to say, "hey... let's revisit this look and popularize it again". My point is, fashion rarely changes and fashion is what you introduce or reintroduce into your wardrobe.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Home Designing Around Your Favorite Accessory

Finally, it's that time of the year to bring out the sunnies. I have always had this... thing, when it came to collecting sunglasses. For me, it was like socks- you could never have enough and it's better when they come in different variations. I decided with the love of home design and my collection of sunglasses, I'd combine the two to make it apart of my decor... art, if you will.

So recently, I earned my FSC (Frequent Shopper's Credit) with one of my favorite stores that I just cannot stay away from. I can truly say that I am in there every week or so to check out what's new. Psst, I actually have someone on the inside that calls me when great products come in, lol. Sounds like a bit much, but listen to me... when there's a great item for a great price, you MUST take advantage of it right then. It's only right, lol.

Here's what your need in order to create this look (all materials, except display box, were purchased from Michael's):
— Glass/acrylic display shadow box
— Scissors, X-acto knife or Paper trimmer
— 1 glitter adhesive foam sheet

This is how the box originally looked. The hardware is silver. I'm thinking of later switching it to gold or antique gold. The padding inside has this gray and white design that I didn't really care for it so I decided to change it to black glitter. The measurement of this box is just about 10"x10".

By adding a neutral color, it will pair with just about any color scheme I have going on at that moment. For example, during the Spring/Autumn seasons, my decor is more vibrant with yellows (my favorite color), reds, pinks and golds. To give my living spaces a warmer feel. For the Summer/Winter seasons, I'll change up my decor to cooler colors to blues, greens, silver, mauve and purples.

After measuring your foam sheet, cut/slice your sheet into the dimensions of the inner box (not the size of the box itself. If you don't understand, try this: To make sure I was accurate in my measurement, I practiced on a scrap piece of cardstock/printer paper, measured it to size and used it as a guide while I cut/slice the foam sheet. Next, remove the backing from your foam sheet. Please make sure you get the adhesive sheet, lol. Then again, you can use a non-adhesive backing and just add your own adherent. The only issue with that is the risk of extra clean up and/or air pockets.

Just to make sure all corners are fitted perfectly, try insert one corner at a time. It just seemed much easier to move and adjust the sheet this way so it didn't stick to the walls or get any air bubbles.

Lastly, to make sure all edges and corners are intact, I used a plastic card to push down the edges so they do not start to roll or curl up through time. Plus, it gives the edges a cleaner look. Another plus about choosing a foam sheet with an adhesive back is not worrying about drying time.

Add some of your favorite accessories in your new display box. You can add jewelry, photos, keys, keepsakes, precious finds... just about anything. I have my display box on my bookshelf in my home office where it can be seen by all visitors. Now, all I have to do is find somewhere to display the rest of my collection, lol. I swear, I have 15 more to show off. Maybe I'll do another showcase on that project.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

SHEHEARTSTHAT is taking some creative time to get everything set away!!! Stay tuned. I can't wait!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015


While being a Visual Merchandiser it can be hard at times, with it's long hours, constant demand of time management, heavy lifting, squeezing in tight areas... the list goes on and on. However, with every job, there has to be a positive otherwise we wouldn't be doing it, right? The best part of my job is seeing products before it debuts to the public. I seriously can't wait for the next rollout because I'm quite sure it will be better than the last. Tonight was one of the longest nights ever. I started setting aside my window pieces on Tuesday night just to gain a head start on Wednesday's Level 10 rollout. Just to be clear, a Level 10 is basically a rating scale on how steady or intense the update will be.

 I was pretty much prepared to start once I arrived, but then I remembered all pieces needed to be steamed and not to mention there were alternative pieces still in boxes because the UPS man had a late delivery of 15 boxes. No matter what, I continued to keep my mind clear, reup on my Starbuck's coffee, put on my game face and stayed focus, lol. Yes, I did have to give myself a pep talk. It was truly a win or die situation, lol.

I decided to feature eight pieces today based on it's comfort, price and style. I didn't work in any bodycon dresses for you ladies this time because they're basically one of our staple products. When it comes to my favorites list, I always take the time to try on and examine each article of clothing for myself. For example, the Pleated Wide Leg pants in color Dusty Olive, the fabric is very soft on the skin and very "airy" for those spring (or even summer) days. It flows beautifully with your strides and just imagine how it looks in a light breeze.  You'd really have to try it on for yourself.


And you know in order to complete the entire look, you'd have to pair them with some stylish shoes. Here are a few heels, starting at 4", that are making the customers jaws drop... and a few of their sweethearts too!

The next time you visit your nearest Bebe store, make sure to ask your stylist about these new items. Once you click on the link, it will direct you to the website where your stylist can easily record the item/style no. (#) for a faster checkout -OR- you can just purchase it on the company page.

If you like this post or have a friend that's looking for a new fashion post, be sure to share this. There's definitely more coming up in the near future.



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