Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blush Wine + Floral

blouse wide leg crepe pant trousers off the shoulder black white floral blouse suede ALDO lace up boots and handbag clutch Saint Laurent fan earrings Larsson & Jennings black watch fashion style

I sure hope you're not sick and tired of my wide leg trouser fashion inspired posts by now because I've got loads of looks to share with you ladies, lmao. If you follow me on IG, you would have seen my live visit and fitting over at ALDO. I was so excited about grabbing a pair or two of the new booties, that I had to start recording. The got to try on these sandals, which are super comfortable and this pair of pumps that are surprisingly comfortable. This season's collection is definitely worth the revisit.

The collection, Blush Wine and Floral is such an Autumn style. Still sticking to the trending style, I paired this black and white floral off-the-shoulder blouse with a pair of blouse wide leg trousers made of crepe. Since the blouse reveals the d├ęcolletage and is bare, without wearing any jewelry, I've added this super cute bow tie scarf that goes around the neck. You can wear it front and center or you can even position it to the left or the right. To switch things up a little, adding darker hues of red/pink is what makes this look so easy to create. If you imagine a color scale, adding a darker tone to blush will turn it a merlot, wine tint. With suede being one of this season's texture choices, adding this belt (which is to be worn outside the blouse right at the waist), handbag or clutch and booties tends to warm the look up a bit.  

Top: White and Black Floral Blouse (Similar)
Pants: Zimmerman Crepe Pant (Similar)
Shoes: ALDO Suede Heeled Boots (Similar)
Clutch: ALDO Ladue (Similar)
Watch: Larsson & Jennings 'L├Ąder' Watch (Similar)
Rings: Rose and White Stone midi set


Monday, September 26, 2016

Ovarian Cancer Awareness + Teal Midi + Polka Dots

ovarian cancer awareness outfit grey gray sweater cardigan min min black bow tie ruffle cuff blouse polka dots triangle kate spade satchel bags black saint laurent pumps heels with bluebird pave crystal pin anne klein

If this month means anything to me, it represents the beginning of awareness when it comes to women's health and another harmful disease that's claimed the life of so many woman around the world,  Ovarian Cancer. This month (for this reason), touches me more because a beautiful friend of mine was diagnosed several years ago and I watched on as she showed an abundant amount of strength to fight for her life. And she fought the hell out of it with so much grace. Her and all the women who are/were fighting to rid this disease are the motivation behind this fashion post today 

One trend of mine that will never get old or leave my wardrobe is the classic bow tie blouse. You'd be surprised how many ways you can tie, twist and wrap your bow just to create different looks and get the more out of your outfit. There's the original bow, the side bow, the double knot bow, the twisted bow... there are so MANY ways, I'd drive you insane. If there are any The Mindy Project fans out there, you'd know about her oh-so-colorful style and her fantastic eye of a detail. She didn't quite wear this look, but the pops of color and patterns are the driving force. When wearing this cardigan, you can wear it opened or buttoned up... just as long as you allow this blouse to do what it's supposed to do, either way will work. Make sure the cuffs are shown as well as the neckline to bodice is displayed. That is an absolute MUST, lol. Wearing the cardigan with the blouse will add more of a silhouette to your mid-area since your blouse is already tampered at the waist (you can even add an ultra slim patent leather, polka dot and solid belt around the waistline). I believe the thinner the belt, the more this look gives off the illusion that your waistline is naturally slimmer. You can tuck or leave your blouse exposed. Personally, I'd tuck in and wear my cardigan opened.

To add a little sparkle, I'd added a cute bluebird pin to attach that compliments your midi skirt. Your accessories are where you can have the most fun. Aside from the pin, the two accessories at the top have the textures and patterns that match the two accessories to the bottom. If wearing a neckpiece is your thing, something lightweight will due. Along with the bow tie itself, adding too many pieces around this area can be distracting or overdone. You want your overall outfit to be the focal point, not what's happening south of your face, lol. For earrings and/or a bracelet, try to play up the bluebird pin with diamonds, silver toned metals, pearls or blacks.

Sweater: Miu Miu Cashmere and Silk Cardigan
Top: Moscow Bow Tie Blouse
Skirt: Roland Mouret Arreton Skirt
Pumps (2nd): Gianvito Rossi Polka Dot Pumps (Similar)
Bag: Kate Spade Cedar Satchel (discontinued)
Bag (2nd): Triangle Shaped Clutch Bag (Similar)
Pin: Anne Klein Pave and Crystal (Similar)


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ivory Puffer + Grey Culottes

puffer sleeves ivory top grey pants cognac tom ford boots hand painted bags gucci thick straps
Can you imagine, I presented this look as Buckingham Priceless and a client loved it? I love how they can picture themselves in my collections with photographs. I will be modeling more of my picks soon. It totally makes a difference when you see it on verses on flat lay. Now as we get ready for Autumn, we are transitioning out of thin, lighter material unto wool, knits and thicker materials. The puffer sweater is pure wool and the culottes are of a wool/silk blend. It's a bit heavier and perfect for your F/W collection. The puffer sleeved sweater forms to your silhouette perfectly and looks fantastic in high waisted and trouser pants. I'd let the hem fall just to way it is, but let the leather belt and buckle peek out just enough to show it off. I paired it with these cute Tom Ford boots with pull-up straps. When worn, the culottes cover close to ¼ of your boots, so you will see the beautiful transitioning color of your boots. Now, what would also look nice would be some cute open toe knee high boots or booties. This look is complimented with this hand-painted medium sized bag with antique gold hardware and this season featured attachment, the thick "guitar styled" shoulder straps. I'm sooo in love with this belt here (and so was my client) because of the buckle design. Your jewelry choices are totally up to you because you can add burgundy, olives, ivory, antique golds (of course) or blacks due to the darker hues of the leather.

Wool Culottes: Vilshenko Lucy (Similar)
Boots: Tom Ford Pull-ons (Similar)
Jewelry: Sanaa Bangle Set or even Leather Bangles to compliment the hardware


Monday, September 19, 2016

Major Pink + Stars

How comfortable does this look... look? LMAO!
You know, on my man relaxing days, I love to just dress like a don't care... (but secretly, I care because the look still looks great). I'll be starting classes soon and I'm going to really need more relaxing looks that style says, "hey I work in fashion, but I still know how to chill fashionably". My look is pretty basic. One way to bring up to trend is by incorporating one of this season's trends. You guessed it... metallics! Because I love switching things up a bit, I'd choose to metallic backpack over the matte. I choose to add the Aldi Movari Graphic tee and pure white All-Stars to tone the look down. Throw on some black and rose gold accessories and you're ready to turn heads. 

Jacket: Army Green Lapel Trench Coat (Similar)
Jeans: Blue Distressed High Waisted Skinny (Similar)
Bag (Metallic): Gold Mini Backpack (Similar)
Bag (Matte): Pink Leather Backpack (Similar)

We are doing TWO-A-DAYS this week.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Agendas + Camicakes

sugarpaper pink planner agenda gold tone tortoise shells shades sunglasses camicakes cupcakes on white plate alongside pink scarf and sugarpaper agenda planner with navy stripes camicakes on with plate with pink scarf with fringe sugarpaper pink document folder with navy stripes magazine holder with tortoise shell shades sunglasses sugarpaper document folder magazine letter holder with camicakes cupcake on white plate with pink accessories sugarpaper pink planner agenda schedule with gold black pattern washi tape ideas   sugarpaper pink open magazine document folder with navy stripes pink camicakes cupcake single box with sticker pink laser cut card holder with gold hardware with gold textured heart key fob I have certainly been under the weather since last week some time and I totally missed updating here. I had the opportunity to connect a little with some wonderful bloggers on IG and Snapchat (come visit me, btw) over the past few days. We got a chance to connect, have girl talk and share makeup looks from NYX Lingerie and MAC products. I'm always looking for ways to connect, so look me up.

So there's a new addition to my SHEHEARTSTHAT desktop. This agenda booklet from @sugarpaperla is so gorgeous. If you follow me on IG, you would have seen this dramatic scene as I somehow stumbled across this collection. I decided to go to Target one night to pick up a pizza, water and coffee gelato. As I was walking down the aisle, I started giving myself the pep talk because I was walking pass the stationary section, LOL. I kept saying "... don't stop, keep moving..." All of a sudden, I see GOLD, I see PLANNERS (my weakness) and I see ACCESSORIES... I literally let out a single curse word during the recording because I was just that captivating. I almost dropped the gelato, LMAO. I had to have it. As my gelato started to melt, I stood there for about 20 minutes deciding whether to get the small or large book. This booklet isn't binder or spiral bound, like I am use to. One of the features I usually look for is the ability to add and remove pages. Even though they did have those styles, I chose this one instead. It isn't a deal breaker obviously because I bought it, LOL. The pages are inked in gold foil and the pages give you enough space to work with. The book is easily customizable due to the writing space. I've already started using my washi tape, stickers and pictures. If it came with a to do list, that would have been the cherry on top. I also bought the document folder to match. Most likely, I'll use it for papers and magazines. It was available in light pink and light blue. The agenda and folder have gold hardware on its corners to give it more of a classic, polished look. I really wish they had the pens available too. They are so cute!

I stopped by my favorite cupcake shop today, @camicakes. They have the best strawberries and cream cupcakes ever. I can't wait to see if they come out with any fall flavors this year like Pumpkin Spice or a latte flavored something. I'm salivating just thinking about it. Hopefully, they'll be opening more bakeries... preferably in Charlotte area. I could only wish. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed you long weekend. I know I did!