Friday, June 24, 2016

lace + summer looks

While I was creating my personal wishlist on Wednesday, I totally remembered how I was going on and on about Spring looks... that I forgot that Summer is officially here. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. Before we know it, we'll be picking out our New Years Eve party wear. While doing some window shopping over at Lenox Square and multitasking on my iPad, I came across some really great ideas for some summer looks that are pretty popular. I am really enjoying the swimsuits that are out at the moment that look like lingerie, from soft floral prints to intricate lace detailing. The season is all about soft patterns, delicate fabrics like chambray, satin and soft knits.

If you are also interested, H&M has some really cute swimwear starting at $4.99. I decided to pick up a couple of pairs for the summer. Here are a few you may love. I will also attach some cover-ups for the ladies who are looking for an additional look. When it comes to cover-ups, I usually tell clients who are either going on vacation or on a cruise...
"The perfect thing about swimsuit cover-ups is that they can be worn as a cover-up and later turned into a tunic. If you slip a white, beige or black tank or bandeau under your cover-up and wear them with a pair of denims, tailored shorts, or even jeggings... you have just turned your look into something casual that you can worn to lunch or even dinner."

My clients usually loved this idea and would request 3 or 4 depending on their vacation time. I'm telling you, it's the smartest idea out yet.

Well, I'm am off to enjoy this morning swim. Have a great and safe week!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hey guys, if you’re following me on Snapchat, you can now find out what I’m wearing in my snaps! When you see an Emoticode in any of my snaps, take a screenshot and use the ShopStyle app to see what I’m linking to! Just tap More in the ShopStyle app to upload my snap. It’s super easy.

Me Day + Fringed Heels

A special thank you to family and friends (new and old) these past few weeks for supporting the relaunch of SHEHEARTSTHAT XO.
So last week, I had the opportunity to go out and enjoy myself (for once), rather than working. I decided that I'd continue having days dedicated to myself where I can do whatever my sweet little heart desires. On this day, which is called ME/MI Day (this is Me Day or My Day), I set aside time to spend with myself... with no devices or distractions. As an adult, I've learned that if I ever want to become a better me, I have to spend more time with myself rather than working my life away. This past Me Day, I decided to I'd go to the movies, have a little lunch at this Bistro in Midtown and purchased a few props for the website (that I enjoyed putting together by myself while I binge watched Mistresses on Hulu). You know what the best part of it all is?? Knowing that everything else WILL have to take a backseat because this is my time for myself. We work countless hours running corporations while making others richer by the day. I find it odd that in order for me to have personal time off, it has to be awarded, requested off or you just have to patiently wait for it. How does that even make sense? Well, I won't get too deep on this topic, but it is definitely a must... especially for people who need to take personal time away from their daily scene.

While I was out, I decided that I'd pick up these cute fringed heels from Steve Madden in taupe. I haven't worn them yet, but I am thinking I'll wear them with either black or white jeans. I'm leaning more to all black (as usual) with an off-the-shoulder top. I am also sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but these heels are no longer on their website, but I did choose a few styles that are similar. I do know, this pair of heels from Topshop... which are so cute on btw, were selling fast (a representative told me). Half of the heels below are so SALE, so I advise you to take a peek now! The Aquazzura heels are by far the most popular amongst fashion bloggers and were being recreated by brands like Charlotte Russe and Madden Girl. Again, take a peek. Enjoy and treat yourself!

Thanks for the support... XOXO

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The New Kind of Bohemian

This Monday, I had a mini photo shoot here in Atlanta all for the sake of adding a new spin to my daily blogs. I decided that I'd go out to neighborhoods that I knew were low-key and with beautiful scenery. Even though I've had my experiences of modeling and being in the spotlight, somehow this time I wanted to keep it simple. You know the deal, people want to stop and stare to see what's going on and ask countless questions, lol. So there I was, it was around noon in the Georgia heat and I decided it was time to start striking some poses and giving the camera the best that I got. Then I notice a woman (around 65-70) staring in my direction. She was out stretching on the other side of the street preparing to go for a run I'm guessing. For the sake of being hot and refreshing my foundation every 10 seconds, I decided to ignore her stares and continued modeling. All of a sudden, after about a minute of her standing there, she speaks up. She said, "You know, when I was a younger girl, I use to dress just like that. I wore the flowing dresses, the crotchet tops and I always had flowers in my hair." After talking for about 5 minutes, (in the hot sun, I'll remind you again) we both parted and continued on with our tasks. She waved good-bye and walked off. She mentioned that one thing she never changed, that is style in her wardrobe is her high waisted jeans she had for decades (something tells me she's talking about "Mom Jeans", LMAO). When it comes to style and trends, one thing is for certain... it always returns! I remember watching an old television show called The Wonder Years when I was younger and one of the highlights was the fashion trends of Karen (the eldest child). I remember watching the show and seeing the fringe vests, the suede skirts and the oversized circular sunglasses, which are prevalent in fashion trends today.

You know, I've always wondered what goes through older people's minds when they see a trend they wore when they we younger. Do they get a feeling of nostalgia (like that woman did when she described her style)?

So for my outfit, I decided to stay true to the Boho style and stuck with the "traditional" look. For my top, I wanted to wear something that resembled the old fashion crotchet tops worn years ago. The fabric is ribbed cotton and has a high neck line that sort of looks like a halter. The hem is a slight cropped, so this gave me an excuse to bring up the skirt and belt to give it a high waisted look. Being 5'9", it's so hard finding skirts that sweep the ground perfectly without showing my feet. All my tall ladies know what I'm talking about!!! But for some weird reason, these dresses/skirts with the ruffled hems always do the trick and have the perfect length **Don't believe me, try one on**
When choosing the perfect skirt to complete this look, I wanted something with lots of color and texture. Speaking of texture, this outfit wouldn't be complete without suede and sandals. The only accessories that I wore was a pair of hoop earrings and a waist watch. The sunnies are an oldie from Francesca's, but if I were to choose another pair of frames, this pair orthis pair are awesome replacements. When it comes to my style, I would definitely label it as Bohemian Glam. When you think about this style (originally), you'd probably think of tarnished or antique golds, pewters and silvers. The New Kind of Bohemian-Glam adds more sparkle along with the metals listed. So, you'd add it diamonds, sequins as well as gold/silver leaf to the skin (or a light sweep of bronzer or highlight onto the skin). I for one looove Nars' highlighter in the color Albatross. Sweep just a little one your collar bone, the peeks of your shoulders, on your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose for the added glow. Just a touch!

Top: High Neck Tank
Skirt: Similar.
Belt: H&M Suede Gold Link Belt (Similar).
Sandals: Zip-up Gladiator Sandal here.
Bag: Francesca's Watch:

How do you feel about the Bohemian trend? Share some of your favorite trends and how you mix things up.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Breaking All the Rules with Vertical Lines

​Hey girl heyyy, LOL. I'm coming back with a post that I wanted to write about for so long. The time has come and it's time to put an end to one fashion rule that just doesn't make sense. When it comes to patterns, we can wear which ever one we choose... just as long as it's not vertical strips/lines. Who came up with this "rule", I don't know, but it never really made sense to me. I remember when I was a sales associate at Express and hearing one of my Managers say [to a customer], "No no. You should never wear vertical strips...". If you know me, you know that I don't hide expressions on my face very well (LMAO) and in my mind I just remember thinking (I literally laughing out loud right now)... I remember thinking, "Well why the hell not?" That to me was like telling a risk-taker, "You can't do it!" Then here comes this other idea that stripes make you look bigger. Because the lines resembles a ruler, you can count how may strides there are. These are actually statements I've heard working with major brands and designers as a Visual Merchandiser. It's said the horizontal lines elongate your stature. However, vertical lines make you appear wider. So in return, I say...
"Vertical stripes do not make you look big or wider, eating too many calories and fatty foods do, LMAO!"

Open Back Blouse found here  |  Wide-Cut Shorts sold here  |  Black and White Striped Jumpsuit is here

When it comes to fashion and I say this all the time, wear and model whatever makes you comfortable. The only rules you should abide by is having no rules. If you are still uncomfortable with this idea of wearing stripes, wearing smaller lined stripes that are closer together is a great way of jumping in.