Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Blogtober 26: Leather + Orange Wide Leg

Achieve this leatherette look this Autumn

There's something about a leatherette look that us girls can't stay away from. Maybe it's the edginess of the leather that makes us feel like a bad ass. I'm not too sure what it may be, but it definitely does alter our confidence level just a bit, lol. This look is influenced be the season and of course, by Halloween... one of my favorite holidays. So, I've been getting into wide legs more this season because it seems to go with everything. These pants are more tailored, which adds a bit of sophistication to the ensemble. I'e selected dark colors, as you would assume and added ivory, a lighter neutral color. The accessories, once again, remains on the dark side with gold hardware.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Blogtober 25: Nude Cape + Metallic Skirt

Step out in the gorgeous outfit this holiday, featuring this Nude Cape and Metallic Pencil Skirt. @sheheartsthat

We are on the 25th day of Blogtober! OMG, this made the month go by so quickly...

Tell me you're ready for the holiday season... not so much the family gatherings, but the holiday parties were it's actually acceptable to dress up in your finest without any judgment. I will say, this time around I will find some new people to celebrate with because the ones I had or use to have didn't do anything of the sorts. I want to dress up and be sparkling from head to toe, lol. I want to be the biggest glitter ball around... Just you wait, lmao. I'm not so sure as to what I will be wearing this year from NYE or to any parties, but there's no need to me to sit around and not be prepared. What do you think of something like this? I absolutely looove this contrasting cape. I has a slight Kimono shape to it, but looks like a cape. I decided that I'd stick to neutrals for this look and to let the sparkle in the pencil skirt take the shine. The skirt is described as silver, but depending on the angles, this skirt shows hints of pewter. This is because the base color of the skirt is black. Choosing to focus on the skirt and the cape, I decided to keep the clutch simple and plain. The necklace adds a bit of glam, if you will. One thing I've noticed about bib style necklaces is that my breast look amazing when I wear it closer to my bustline. It's just something I noticed, that's why I buy a lot of them, lmao. If the necklace is a bit too much for you and you for into the choker craze, these chokers are because more and more popular. You can adjust them anyway you'd like. I have a pair of them, one black and the other is blush. For your shoes, choose colors like black, nude, silver or pewter. It totally ties into the colors in your outfit and still sticks to the neutral tone. What if you want to step out of neutral and introduce another color? You could do a deep burgundy, an evergreen or deep hunter green tone... just in time for the holidays.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Blogtober 24: Floral Romper + Pink Leatherette

Floral Print Romper paired with this Rose Leather Jacket

Would you say that it's too late in the year to wear rompers? Personally, when I'm in the mood to wear a romper and the temperature outside allows me to... I'm set and ready to walk out off my house in a romper, lmao. Fashion is you, so do you.

This floral print romper is to (not seriously) die for. I love the bell sleeves for this romper and the exposed back brings every bit of sexy back. I've paired this leather jacket because of the rose tones throughout the romper. You may even do a suede jacket like this one, that will show a bit of the rompers collar or you may even want to do something like this sleeveless vest, to allow those sleeves to breathe.


If you choose to substitute those pieces, you may find out the the booties I've selected can be switched out. You don't have to, if you don't want to because the accessories are neutral tones so they won't alter bring down the look. As you may have noticed, this romper is backless. This means, those that need to wear bras can do so by wearing a lacey bralet, that doesn't have the hook and loop attachments on the back... or using these adhesive bras that I use. I'll share this tip: when it's hot and I know for a fact that I'll let off some sweat, I don't use the adhesive bras. I'm not even going to waste any strips. I'd just go for the bralet. Throw in a fringed cross body bag or a bucket bag, as shown. This look screams Bohem.


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Blogtober 23: Army Waistcoat + Taupe Thigh Highs

White can still be worn after Labor Day. It's all about warming down the outfit.
Who's says you can't wear white beyond Labor Day? I say who cares... and you're still on the fence about whether or not white should be worn or not... you're probably not the fashionista you thought you were... LMAO... I'm just playing. But seriously, if you are on the fence of to or not to do, I have the perfect solution for you.

I, for one, can care less about The Almighty Rules to Fashion. No one in particular invented FASHION. There were people who contributed and influenced fashion as we know today, but no one person came up with it and I doubt they came up with any rules for it so it was done the correct way. Never let someone else tell you you cannot do something when it comes to fashion, because it is always changing and no one style is ever exactly the same. I, am guilty of wearing white after Labor Day. I claim it proudly and I'm quite certain that I'll continue to wear it... even after popular designers call me crazy. Now if you are that person that's saying, "Weeeeeell, I don't know about this", but is open to seeing how you can wear it comfortably enough to not care about the stank eyed stares... here's how you can do it. You must introduce...

 *  *  *  *  WARM COLORS  *  *  *  *

If no one preaches this enough to you, I will. You can wear anything... ANYTHING you want, no matter the season... if you know which colors compliment your skin tone and which colors compliment the current season. Some designers will not tell you this because they want to be in charge of what you wear and what you purchase. Think of this, white is a neutral color (neither warm or cool). The seasons, Summer and Winter are cool seasons... while seasons like, Autumn/Fall and Spring are warm seasons. If your current season is Autumn and you're wearing all white, how should you adjust your outfit to coordinate to the current season... by introducing warm colors.

For this look, I've added in shades of browns and greens (but remember, browns and beiges depending on the hue can either be neutral, cool or warm). Choosing the right metallics can also help warm up an outfit. Grab a basic white Deep V Neck tee and pair it with white high and mid waisted distressed jeans. Make sure when you select your distressed jeans, the rips are visible and higher than the thigh high boots. You want the feature of the jeans to be shown and not hidden. These boots are everything (I just had to say that, lol). You can wear a waistcoat with sleeveless. It is totally up to you. I selected this style because of the up and down temperatures some of us experience during these in between seasons. When choosing your waistcoat, make sure to choose something with flow, curvature and with shape. I'm not fond of the straight, up and down coats with no shape to it. Think: more waves and less hard edges. Plus, it's pleasing on the eye and looks nice when the wind catches it as you are walking. By this time, your outfit is warming up. I will be going more into this topic throughout the upcoming seasons so you'll see the transition.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Blogtober 22: Leathers, Taupes and Browns... Oh My!

That's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing the same color with different hues... just as long as you rock it right.

It is the 22nd day of Blogtober. I cannot believe I got this far with this busy schedule I've had since all this started. Well you know, I can believe it because I am a hard worker and I set out to accomplish this. Honestly, I wonder how the vlogtober participants are doing... especially the ones that have jobs outside their homes and busy editing their videos all night. Eek! Kudos to them because at the moment, I wouldn't be able to do it lmao.

So Autumn 2016, has brought in some reoccurring trends, like the cold and off-the-shoulder looks, ruffles and metallic prints, navy coats like the peacoat, suedes and thick strapped bags. Even though I've never worn this trend IN MY LIFE, it's one that's pretty popular amongst lots of people. The trend that I'm speaking of is pleats. I never really understood the liking of pleats, even as a young kid. Yeah, I noticed EVERYTHING when it came to EVERYTHING as a child... and pleats were on the I'd Rather Not list even back then. I am a bit partial to them, to this day, but I understand that that detail is what fashion is about. So I opened my eyes to them... just a little, lol. For this look, I decided to work with brown hues and metallics. Autumn seems to offer this natural filter and these colors look totally different if it were Summer or Winter. Listen, when I tell you I notice everything, I'm telling you this truth. At sundown, notice how the sky's hue and the atmosphere gives off this yellow-orangish tint. For someone who's into nature and art, this has always been something I've noticed because ironically my favorite color is yellow, I am a sun sign (Leo, the Sun, being yellow) and my favorite season is Autumn... which is enriched in yellow tones. But back to fashion...

Lately, the colors I've used this Fall in my blogs, compliment to season very well and gold metallics... is the cherry on top. I paired this cropped jumper with the pleated pants because of them both being high, which will review a small portion of the midriff, if you wear it correctly. You can go for a light to dark belt or you can wear beltless. I chose an embossed leather and suede belt that introduces more colors, like blush, gold, copper, caramel and ivory. With this look, there is no wrong way of doing things because of its casual appeal. This is why I chose two bags: something light and something dark. Both look great with the look, so it's totally up to you. When you're doing your hair, wear it up in a messing bun or top knot style or even having wild and free curls at shoulder length would absolutely look great. Can you picture it?